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Mesken Haule has a wide range of equipment for the preparation and packaging of pet food and bedding materials for small animals. Ideal for packaging wood shavings, hay, straw, flax, hemp wood, paper shreddings, card board and other similar products.

Process description of a pet food production line: The big square or round bales of 500-750kg of hay or straw are placed in the bale breaker. After breaking up the large bale into loose product, it is dedusted by the sieve. After the sieve, it is transported by air or screw conveyor to the dosing unit. The dosing unit accuratly doses the material in the scale. Now the product is ready for baling. After baling, the bale is sealed automatically by the sealer.


Weight of the bales 0.5 – 4 kg
Maximum bales per hour 720
Bale size examples 140 x 300 x 250 – 600 mm.
Air components SMC
Hydraulic components Parker
Bearings SKF / Ina
Electric motors Nord
Total electric consumption ~95A / 400V
PLC & touchscreen Omron
Total filling height 4,4 mtr
Weight of the machine ~7.500 kg
Length and wide 6,5 x 2.6 mtr

  • Several master and select balers in production