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Mesken Haule has a wide variety of standard machines. The dimensions, weight and hardness can vary according to your specifications.

– Bales from 1 to 30 kg
– Van 60 tot 1000 balen per uur
– Enkel- of dubbelwerkende machines.
– Combined double machine for producing bales of different sizes and / or products.

Maatwerk is hierbij het sleutelwoord, van het eerste ontwerp tot en met de inbedrijfstelling.
Mesken Haule machines are constructed low. This has the major advantage of keeping the transport of products at an equally low level. A building of normal height without special adaptations is sufficient to house the machine. The machines are assembled in a frame. This makes it possible to install them within a day. Installation and full production capacity can be achieved within five days. It is simple to move the machine, if necessary, since it is constructed in one piece. All of this leads to considerable savings on your investment costs.