Mesken Haule has a wide variety of standard machines in our range. The dimensions, weight, numbers per minute and hardness of the bales can vary according to your specifications.
– Bales from 1 to 30 kg
– From 60 to 1000 bales per hour
– Single-or double-acting machines.
– Combined double machine for producing bales of different sizes and / or products.

The keywords here are custom made, from initial design up to and including commissioning.
Mesken Haule machines are constructed low. This has the major advantage of keeping the transport of products at an equally low level. A building of normal height without special adaptations is sufficient to house the machine. The machines are assembled in a frame. This makes it possible to install them within a day. Installation and full production capacity can be achieved within five days. It is simple to move the machine, if necessary, since it is constructed in one piece. All of this leads to considerable savings on your investment costs.

Our program for bulk products

  • Supply systems and conveying different range of material
  • Large bale breakers and choppers
  • Treatment and dedusting of wood shaving or sawdust with drum sieve
  • Special designed sieve for dedusting hay and straw

Baler for bales from 0,5 up-to 30kg

  • From 60 till 1000 bales per hour
  • Single or double acting baler
  • Combined double baler for producing bales of different sizes
  • Our machines are low constructed and fit in a normal building
  • The machines which supply the press of raw material are also low constructed

Extraction finished bale

  • Automatic palletising line with Fanuc palletising robot
  • Pallet wrappers and stretch hooders
  • Mesken Haule wrapper with Fanuc robot for small bales

Keywords are: custom-made from design to commissioning.